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Top 10 Tips to Having a Holistic Divorce

As an accredited family mediator, holistic life coach and mind-body practitioner, I'm passionate about guiding individuals through challenging life transitions, in particular separation and divorce, with a holistic approach.

Today, I want to share ten valuable tips for having a holistic divorce, where we focus on healing, growth, and embracing the journey with grace and compassion.

  1. Embrace Self-Compassion: Divorce can be emotionally draining, and it's essential to practice self-compassion. Allow yourself to feel the emotions without judgment and be kind to yourself throughout the process.

  2. Foster Effective Communication: Open and honest communication with your ex-partner is vital for a harmonious divorce process. Share your thoughts and feelings respectfully, with the goal of understanding and resolution.

  3. Focus on the Present: Avoid dwelling on the past or worrying excessively about the future. Stay present and focus on what you can control in the moment.

  4. Emphasise Emotional Healing: Holistic healing includes tending to emotional wounds. Embrace mindfulness practices, meditation, and journaling to process emotions and find inner peace.

  5. Consider Professional Support: Seeking professional support, like holistic life coaching, can be incredibly beneficial. It provides you with guidance, clarity, and helps you create a positive mindset for the journey ahead.

  6. Prioritise Physical Well-being: Nurture your physical health during this time. Engage in regular exercise, eat nourishing foods, and get plenty of restful sleep to support your overall well-being.

  7. Build a Supportive Network: Surround yourself with a supportive network of friends, family, or join a divorce support group. Sharing experiences and emotions with others who understand can be incredibly comforting.

  8. Practice Gratitude: Gratitude is a powerful tool for shifting focus from challenges to the positives in life. Embrace gratitude practices to cultivate a more optimistic outlook.

  9. Embrace Positive Coping Strategies: Explore healthy coping mechanisms, such as engaging in hobbies, spending time in nature, or trying out new activities that bring you joy and reduce stress.

  10. Cultivate a Vision for the Future: Envision a positive and fulfilling future post separation and/or divorce. Embracing a vision of what you want can help you move forward with hope and purpose.

As you embark on your holistic divorce journey, remember that healing is possible when you integrate mind, body, and spirit. Embrace these ten tips and discover the power of a holistic approach to divorce. For detailed guidance on how to practice a holistic divorce buy my new book 'Holistic Divorce: Sh*t Happens, It's How You Deal With It That Counts here.

If you are curious about how Holistic Family Mediation & Coaching can help support you and your family through separation and/or divorce, you may wish to consider our FAQs page for more information and/or book in a Free Discovery Call via our services page.

If you'd like personalised support on your journey, I'm here for you as your dedicated holistic divorce life coach. Let's navigate this path together with grace and empowerment. Please complete and submit the Coaching Referral Form and pay for coaching either on a pay as you go basis for individual sessions or purchase a package of six for the price of five sessions via our services page here.

If you are ready to get the ball rolling with our family mediation service, please complete and submit a Self-Referral Form and book your initial separate Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM) online.

We will then get in touch with your ex-partner (unless requested to hold off any communication at this stage) to encourage them to engage in the process highlighting the benefits of family mediation - low cost, staying in control and to have a quicker resolution compared to court based proceedings.


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