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My Profile

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I qualified as a solicitor in 1994. I have over 27 years' experience specialising in family law. Today, I am dedicated to offering a holistic family mediation service.


I'm passionate about people and I enjoy being in a profession that allows me to help couples in conflict during one of the most traumatic and difficult periods in their lifetimes.

I've worked for various firms in the East Midlands throughout my career. My last position was in Nottingham at a national leading law firm, Stowe Family Law, as Managing Partner.

In March 2021 I took a leap of faith and made the decision to give up a career in law to focus on my passion and conviction to help couples in conflict resolve their disputes out-of-court.


My aim is to promote and encourage the family mediation option to separating couples; a kinder and more compassionate approach. Hence the birth of ‘Holistic Family Mediation’.

There's much more to my personal story. If you are interested to find out more, please click here.

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"I want to inspire and empower separating couples to take stock and make their own informed decisions."

Accredited Family Mediator

Sushma Kotecha

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Vision & Mission

My Vision

To inspire and empower separating couples to take stock and make their own informed decisions with a view to having a positive impact on them, their children and future generations. 

My Mission

To help conflicting couples keep control of their issues relating to separation and/or divorce and stay out of court.

To provide an authentic heart-centred service and safe space to explore issues that yield positive outcomes for them, their children and future generations. Support separating couples to co-create happier, healthier independent lives.

To encourage parties to be future-focused and to keep the bigger picture in mind. Shelve issues that no longer serve them or their family. To be child-centred in decision making, if they have children.

To help separating couples focus on key drivers for successful outcomes i.e.
a. good communication skills and
b. understanding their feelings and emotions. This will enable them to gain a better understanding of each other’s perspective.

To not only help them reach their own informed decisions about issues relating to their marriage/relationship breakup but also to help them in the transition from anger/sadness/grief to peace/happiness/joy with a clear focus on having fulfilled lives post separation and/or divorce.

To help separated parents be effective and ‘good enough’ co-parents.

I believe clients who are willing to work with me will find the above 'vision and mission' to be a ‘win-win’ formula.

What exactly do I bring to the table?

"I have over 27 years of hands-on experience as a family lawyer, the requisite qualifications as an accredited family mediator and the soft-skill sets that are needed to carry out pragmatic and transformative mediation sessions with my clients."