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Welcome to my Press and Media hub! As a seasoned expert in holistic family mediation & coaching, I've had the privilege of engaging in informative discussions and providing valuable insights across various platforms. Through podcasts, panel appearances, guest speaker opportunities, and contributions to esteemed publications, I've shared my expertise in navigating divorce and separation with compassion and wisdom.

Explore my podcast appearances where I've delved into essential topics such as alternative dispute resolution versus court processes and the significant role mediation plays in fostering amicable separations. In 'The Smart Divorce Podcast' and 'Stowe Talks,' I shed light on crucial aspects of divorce, offering guidance on how mediation can pave the way for dignified separations.

Moreover, I'm proud to have received accolades such as being shortlisted for 'New Business of the Year 2023' via Niche Magazine and 'Entrepreneur of the Year 2022' via East Midlands Chambers. The 'icing on the cake' regarding recognition for the services I provide is being shortlisted within the family law sector and amongst my peers as 'Family Mediator of the Year' in the British Family Law Awards 2024 hosted by Today's Media. Winners will be announced on Thursday 25 January - watch this space! 


My contributions to Niche Magazine delve into empowering topics, including 'Separating Smarter,' 'Separation Without Suffering,' 'Divorce: Another Way,' and 'Hope After Divorce,' aiming to provide readers with invaluable insights into handling life's most difficult and often, traumatic transitions in a kinder, compassionate, and holistic way.

If you're interested in inviting me as a contributor or guest speaker to your podcast, show, or conference, I'd be delighted to hear from you. Please reach out via my contact page here.

Explore the diverse array of media appearances, accolades, and contributions below, offering a glimpse into my dedication to supporting individuals through tough and challenging times.


Smart Divorce Podcast Logo and Image of Participants

The Smart Divorce Podcast
with Tamsin Caine

What is Resolution and why are we members?

Tamsin and guests Sushma Kotecha, Sue Palmer-Conn and Katie Harding discuss Resolution.

Smart Divorce Podcast Logo and Image of Participants

The Smart Divorce Podcast
with Tamsin Caine

Alternative Dispute Resolution vs Court

In this episode we are talking about ADR versus court. Is it always wrong to go to court with your divorce settlement, or is it sometimes actually a good option?

Stowe Talks

How Mediation Can Help You Separate

In this episode, hosts Matt & Liza talk to Sushma Kotecha from Holistic Family Mediation & Coaching to look at how mediation can help couples work together to have a more dignified and amicable separation.

Asian Single Parents Nework

Holistic Family Mediation

Sushma joins Aruna Bansal from the Asian Single Parents Network to discuss Holistic Family Mediation.

Going Solo TV & Going Bold TV Pres. Going Solo Network, Inc.

Holistic Divorce with Elite Guest Sushma Kotecha



The British Family Law Awards 

Family Mediator of the Year 2024

Family Mediator Finalist - Holistic Fami



Entrepreneur of the Year 2022

EMC Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 Shortlisted Badge


Niche Magazine

New Business of the Year 2023

Logo of Niche Business Awards 2023 - Best New Business Finalist

Contributions to Niche Magazine

Niche Magazine Sept/Oct 2021

Separating Smarter

Niche Magazine July/Aug 2022

Separation Without Suffering

Niche Magazine Jan/Mar 2023

Divorce: Another Way

Niche Magazine July/Sept 2023

Hope After Divorce

Niche Magazine Oct/Dec 2023

Finalist: Best New Business

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