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Here's an overview of how Mediation works

What is Family Mediation?

Family Mediation is a peaceful alternative to court proceedings for resolving disputes.


With the guidance of a mediator, participants can:

1. Improve communication between parties.

2. Focus on creating a positive path forward.

3. Make informed decisions about key issues related to separation, divorce, children, property, finances, and non-legal matters, such as setting boundaries.

Holistic Family Mediation & Coaching offers professional family mediation services that prioritise open communication, mutual respect, and constructive outcomes.

Mediation is an out-of-court settlement option that enables parties going through a family breakup to communicate more effectively with the help of an impartial third-party mediator.


Holistic Family Mediation allows participants to make informed, mindful decisions about key issues such as separation, divorce, children, finances, and property. 

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process that encourages creativity in finding bespoke resolutions.

Sushma, offers pragmatic guidance and information to help you reach informed decisions. While Sushma cannot provide legal advice, she will draw on over three decades of experience to guide you through the process. Please note that any agreements reached in mediation will require the input of independent lawyers to become formal and legally binding.

What is Mediation?

The Mediation Process


Book a free 15-minute discovery call with Sushma online to clarify any concerns before booking a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM).


Complete the online self-referral form and book and pay for a fixed fee MIAM (£125.00) through our services page. Please note that these initial assessment meetings are undertaken separately. The price includes signing and sending electronically the required form(s) for any proposed court application(s).


 If assessed suitable for mediation and both you and your ex-partner are willing to mediate, book and pay online for a joint mediation session. Each session is 90 minutes and costs £187.50 per person. You can book as many sessions as required and pay as you go.


To help separating couples focus on key drivers for successful outcomes i.e. a. good communication skills and b. understanding their feelings and emotions. This will enable them to gain a better understanding of each other’s perspective.

Mediation Process
How We Can Help

How We Can Help

You don't have to go to court or have long, drawn-out costly negotiations/court proceedings via the traditional lawyer-led route. We can help you resolve your issues and conflicts via the mediation route, so long as it is safe and suitable to mediate. That way both the emotional and financial costs of your separation and/or divorce can be minimised.

During the mediation process Sushma will help you:

  • Define the issues

  • Identify areas of agreement

  • Clarify areas of disagreement

  • Explore options

  • Provide pragmatic guidance and legal/other relevant information

  • Evaluate options to help you reach agreement upon them


At all times, Sushma will remain impartial and will not take sides or make judgments on who is right or wrong. She will offer legal and financial information to you in a neutral way to help you both understand the options, but cannot give you or your ex-partner any legal advice.

Research studies have shown that family disputes resolved via the mediation route are less acrimonious and less stressful than those cases that are settled through the court system. Also, decisions made by you and your ex-partner by agreement are more likely to be kept and adhered to, as opposed to court-imposed orders.

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