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Holistic Divorce Book from HFM&C

Holistic Divorce: Sh*t Happens, It's How You Deal With It That Counts

The definitive guide to holistic divorce and separation

"The GPS to modern divorce and a concise divorce encyclopedia for dummies"

About the book

In this book, the author, Sushma Kotecha, seeks to focus the reader’s attention on the holistic approach to divorce and separation - a holistic approach considers the physical, emotional and mental impact of the process on the parties and their children.


It is more likely to feature mediation than the court system. It is also more likely that counselling and therapy will be suggested and recommended to support a healthy transition.

Sushma wants people to understand the power and positive shift that comes from dealing with separation and divorce from a place of love, kindness, compassion, acceptance, understanding, letting go, forgiveness, no-judgements and patience…instead of coming from a place of fear, shock, denial, anger, hatred and resentment.

She knows first-hand just how hard this concept is to grasp, especially when one feels hurt, betrayed and/or violated, but the only way to set yourself free and up for greatness after divorce is to follow the above principles and guidance that is detailed in this book.

Praise for the book

"When the worst's so much better if approached with compassion".

"Sushma has a unique perspective on the divorce process - she has many years' experience in family law, operates as a mediator and offers divorce coaching - and she brings a compassionate, holistic, constructive approach to all of it.

Her book is a great tool for people facing this awful point in their lives - it covers the process/legalities, self-care, practicalities about children and future arrangements and adjusting and planning for the future - such a rounded and holistic guide."

Are you ready to take a holistic approach to your divorce?

Divorce does not have to be so bitter, twisted and toxic. We all have a choice as to how we deal with the sh*t that happens and the cards that we are dealt with in life.

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Who is this book for?

Those looking for an alternative to the traditional, hard-line approach to divorce and separation where the court is the only solution.

The recently separated or divorced parent who needs help navigating and regulating his or her emotional status.

Therapists and other professionals who want to understand the new ways of working with families.


Divorcees who are healing on their own and want to take a proactive approach to lead a life that brings peace and joy.


Those who want or need a guide on how to work with your ex-spouse in a way that will bring fearlessness, love and courage.

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About the author

Sushma practiced family law for over 27 years in the UK having qualified as a solicitor in January 1994.

She dual qualified as a mediator with the ADR group and achieved an outstanding evaluation from her assessors in April 2010 and gained accredited status to deal with all issues family mediation (both children and financial) in December 2015 via the Family Mediation Council and continues to hold accredited status.

Sushma truly believes and knows through her own experience that if we practice mindfulness, positive thinking, self-care and self-love, we can lead happier, healthier and more fulfilled life’s post-separation and/or divorce.

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Holistic Divorce: Sh*t Happens, It's How You Deal With It

Discover practical insights and guidance to help you through your divorce and separation

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