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Government Announces up to £500 Per Family Voucher Scheme

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On 26 March 2021, the government announced that it is investing £1m in family mediation, to support families to resolve issues relating to children.

Under the scheme, the Ministry of Justice will provide contributions of up to £500 per family, to resolve issues relating to children following parental separation. Mediation will be provided by Family Mediation Council Accredited (FMCA) mediators and the fund will reduce the costs of mediation for at least 2000 families.

John Taylor, Chair of the Family Mediation Council said, “This government investment in mediation is much welcomed by the Family Mediation Council. It will help separated families agree solutions that are best for their children, taking into account what is going to be important for them as they grow up.

Family mediation is a proven cost-effective way to resolve differences following separation. This voucher scheme will make it even more accessible, and will help families resolve issues for themselves, without having to go to court.”

Family mediation is a process in which an independent, professionally trained mediator helps parents work out arrangements for children and finances following separation. Mediation can also be helpful when previous child arrangements need to change, particularly as children grow up.

Holistic Family Mediation has registered for the scheme. If you are eligible for a voucher, an application can be made on your behalf subject to your joint consent to secure funds towards the cost of your second mediation session. Please note, this scheme is only available for issues regarding child/ren arrangements, not financial matters.

You will need to confirm that you have not already applied for another voucher as

part of the same scheme and give consent to us to provide some necessary

information to the Family Mediation Council.

This includes your name, the bill for mediation services you receive and some basic information about your case. These vouchers are limited so, please take advantage whilst there is funding still available.

If you are curious about how holistic family mediation can help support you and your family through separation and/or divorce, you may wish to consider our FAQs page and/or book in a Free Discovery Call via are services page.

If you are ready to get the ball rolling, please complete and submit a Self-Referral Form and book your initial separate Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM) online. We will then get in touch with your ex-partner (unless requested to hold off any communication at this stage) to encourage them to engage in the process highlighting the benefits of family mediation - low cost, staying in control and to have a quicker resolution compared to court based proceedings.


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